MD Texting Laws

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Recently the state of Maryland joined a certain few other states in banning text messaging while driving. It’s no secret that distracted driving can potentially lead to accidents on the nation’s roadways, and texting is definitely a distraction. With all the changes in technology coming at us rapid fire, law enforcement is scrambling to keep up and keep citizens safe. Yet the question posed in this package looks at just how well police will be able to enforce the new laws. Since they don’t have the authority to search through your phone on the side of a highway, officers are left to rely on motorists to volunteer information as to whether or not they were using text messaging at the time of an accident of traffic citation. Also of note, while the law calls for penalties and fines for texting, there is no current law prohibiting drivers from playing video games or even watching tv on their smart phone.


Bike and Roll DC

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2009 Marine Corp Marathon

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Almost 30,000 runners, walkers, and wheelers took to the streets for the 2009 Marine Corp Marathon in Washington, DC. They started on the National Mall and ran down streets, past national landmarks, and over bridges before finishing the 26.2 mile ordeal in Arlington, Virginia. These are some of the sights and sounds of the day, including the top three finishers. Ultimately, this was an experiment in using only natural sound and audio with no vocal tracking. Congratulations to all the participants and wishes of continued health and success go out to all our men and women in uniform.

Amtrak Gun Laws Changing

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House Resolution 3288 calls from some drastic changes in the Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development (T-HUD) Act. More specifically, section 157 would allow railway passengers using Amtrak services to carry firearms on board the train in the checked luggage. The bill would give Amtrak and its 18,000 employees until March 31, 2010 to make the appropriate security and training upgrades or risk the loss of Federal funding. Amtrak, who used to allow passengers to travel with firearms, removed that provision in the wake of the September 11th attacks, the 2004 Madrid bombings, and the “commando-style” Mumbai attack. Amtrak officials are opposed to the bill and it’s amendments, primarily for the safety of their passengers. Should the bill pass legislation, an extensive overhaul of company policy, procedure, and training operations would be necessary.

Barack Obama and Ted Kennedy

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This is one of my favorite videos I’ve ever shot. This is President Obama and the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy speaking to an overflow crowd at American University in January 2008. Moments before Senator Kennedy, along with Patrick and Caroline Kennedy, spoke to a packed house in Bender Arena where the Kennedy family gave it’s support and endorsement to then Senator Obama. This is raw, uncut footage, as evidenced by the elation in my shooting partner’s voice when the two Senators first appear.

Maryland Renaissance Festival

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For the twenty-second year, the Maryland Renaissance Festival has descended on the Annapolis area. If you haven’t had the chance to experience this event, it’s about time. Transport yourself back to the days of King Henry VIII and his loyal subjects as you trod through the 25-acre campground. The Revel Grove camp features 130 craft shops and 42 eateries along with games, rides, live action shows and entertainment for everybody. Whether you want to eat, drink, throw knives, or simply people watch, you can’t go wrong at the Renaissance Festival. So strap on your best tunic, grab a pint of mead, and get ready for an experience you won’t soon forget.

Hello world!

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qwp>Welcome to my blog. This will be my posting ground for all work and work related activities for the semester. Time willing, I might even add links to some old work I’ve done.  Let’s start the show.